What is your warranty?

- We offer 30-day warranty from delivery date

Are the boards used or new?

- TV boards are pulled from (90% new / 10% used) TVs with cracked screens.
- Appliance boards are pulled from (50% new / 50% used) appliances with physical defects (usually unrepairable dents).
- Every board has been inspected by our technicians and is guaranteed to be 100% functional.

Where do you ship?

- We ship to Canada and USA

How long before I receive my order?

- Orders placed before 3pm EST to physical addresses will leave our warehouse same day.
- Please allow extra 2-4 days delay for P.O. boxes and remote areas.
- The map shows approximate transit time (business days)

Are there any customs or brokerage fees/charges for shipments going to Canada or USA?

- No.

Do you charge Taxes?

- There are no taxes for shipments to USA.
- We charge taxes for Canadian shipments only. Taxes will be calculated at the checkout.

I ordered wrong board, can I return it without paying restocking fees?

- Yes, we will not charge you any restocking fees no mater what the reason is!

How do I return a board?

- Just send us a message with your order number and let us know if you want refund or replacement. [Contact Us]

How to read Panasonic suffix?

Click here for details

How to perform software update on Sony main boards?

  1. Download the firmware from Sony website.
  2. Copy the firmware to a USB stick. IMPORTANT: follow Sony's instructions on how to format the USB stick (most likely FAT32) and where to copy the firmware (with or without directories), some newer high capacity USB sticks may not work properly.
  3. Unplug the TV power cord from the wall for 5 minutes - don't skip this step.
  4. Insert USB stick to the TV.
  5. Plug the TV power cord back into the wall outlet
  6. Wait 1 minute.
    • If RED standby light comes on then turn the TV on. Use power button on the TV. Press only once.
    • If GREEN light comes then go to next step.
  7. Wait 10 minutes. The screen may be completely black and the TV will restart several times - that's normal.
At this point the install should be complete. If it didn't work then:
  • try a different USB stick
  • double check Sony's instructions for preparing and copying files onto the USB stick.
  • start again from step 2
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